It’s About Time

Hey Girl!

It’s been a while. If I’m honest a while is an understatement. It’s been seven years to be exact since I last posted here on this much has happened. For one, I’ve graduated from college and I’m currently a healthcare worker at a hospital in NYC. Despite taking that route for my profession, I’ve never let go of my passion for fashion and have maintained getting my fix throughout the years.

I’ve earned the title of Published Stylist– that was so major for me! (We’ll talk more about that in a different post). I’ve become a personal stylist as well ,where I help my clients feel and look their best for special dates, occasions, and events. We go shopping together, bring a team of hair and makeup and get you dressed on the special day! – The works! We also offer full closet revamping and seasonal re-ups.

Two years ago I got into Fashion Buying & became a boutique owner . It started off with Pop-ups! Chile the most fashionable women in the tri-state area would pull up, show out, sip wine and shop! I miss those days.. The pop-ups were initially just me doing something I loved while making extra money on the side.. and turned into a whole business. I sell one of one thrifted/ previously loved pieces with a sprinkle of contemporary items that fit the brand’s aesthetic. I’ve since taken a break from the boutique and selling items. We’ve moved from Pop-ups to online. After reading this post, click the Shop tab and join our email list for updates!

I also still have my passion to create. It’s not on a consistent basis yet but mentally I can feel when I need to express that side of myself. I’m naturally creative, my mind is always going. Though I don’t share or post what I do, creating is something I can’t shake. From shoots that I imagine and want to bring to life, street style photos documenting my favorite outfits, YouTube videos (Look Books & Vlogs), reconstructing clothes and accessories etc. I get my creative fix by any means necessary.

I’ve been considering this for a really long time and I finally feel like I’m ready to start taking the necessary steps to make my passion my fill time career! It sounds exciting but it’s scary as f#%k. I’m a taurus (Shoutout to all my taurean boos!) so I don’t like change, we’re planners and take our time with calculated risks. Being a healthcare worker is comfortable. I have a routine that I’ve become accustomed to and although my day to day might slightly shift, I know what to expect. My salary is the same, benefits and all of the other certainties that come with working a 9-5. Being a full time creator isn’t as comfortable. It takes a lot more work and discipline- not to mention the level of vulnerability that comes with just putting yourself out there. At this point I’ve only dipped my foot in that water, just enough to snatch my foot out and run when I had stepped too far out of my comfort zone or when I no longer wanted to put in the effort.

Procrastination, perfection and consistency are my biggest issues. Knowing this, I can’t possibly take myself seriously (and quit my job) without tackling these first. I want to prove to myself and my audience how serious I am about my decision and how hard I’m willing to go for my life’s purpose. Mattie James challenged her audience to a #ConsistencyChallenge: July 2020. We have to blog EVERYDAY (well Mon- Fri … I’m dramatic) for the Month of July. This challenge was created to help build our consistency muscle and overall become better content creators. Having a consistent blog (content that you own) gives you more opportunities to leverage campaigns, brand deals and grow your brand as a whole. As she was talking about this month’s challenge I felt like she was speaking directly to me! I used it as a sign, blew the dust off of this blog and accepted the challenge!

Everything isn’t perfect- I’ve been revamping (eyeroll) this site for years! I’m still trying to iron out minor details ..but it’ll do! No more excuses, no more perfection.. just transparency and inspiration! I’m excited for you guys to be apart of this journey with me! First post back is pretty lengthy.. I’m going to signout here.. let’s meet back up tomorrow…

  • Jeans : Thrifted
  • Top : Nordstrom
  • Accessories: H&M

Talk to You Later..


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It’s About Time

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